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How Merrylegs Started

Over 25 years ago the late Anna and Herbie founded and funded Merrylegs, which all started with a little grey pony called Sixpence, who cost them just 6 pence. Sixpence had a busy and fun life teaching young children how to ride and he was greatly loved by everyone. Sadly in 2016 old age got the better of him and we had to say goodbye, but his legacy still lives on. 


Anna being a vet and owning her Practice Oakdale Veterinary Surgery, often found herself with unwanted and injured animals of all shapes and sizes. They all needed a safe loving place to go, so the search for the perfect property began and the journey toward Merrylegs Charitable Trust started.

The farm initially consisted of a house with a wooden and brick-built hay barn, which was plenty to start with for the residence that consisted of 3 goslings. However, it was soon realised that more buildings and enclosures were required with the ever-increasing arrival of various types of animals.

These included a small herd of semi-feral Dartmoor Ponies who arrived on a back of a lorry previously destined for Zoo meat, many of these ponies are still with us now and live happily in their herd. Since then we have taken in numerous unwanted foals and horses with physical and behavioral issues, plus various animals through no fault of their own have found themselves in heart-breaking or tragic circumstances.

Making It Work

All this has only been made possible by Anna and her dedicated Team who devote their lives to the well-being of all the animals that come into their care. 

Sarah Green also lives for the animals and has responsibility of the care of over 100 rescued equines as well as domestic and farm rescues. Sarah and Anna have worked selflessly all year round for over 20 years together to rescue and look after the animals. In 2014 we became registered as a charity so can now do fund raising to support Merrylegs, which we do as often as possible. Anna has dedicated her whole life to helping animals, working every day to support the hundreds of animals in her care, along with the generosity of the kind public from donations and our fund raising events in the local community.

Merrylegs Vision

  • Providing each animal with the best possible care.

  • Promoting good Animal Welfare and responsible pet ownership, by providing support, guidance and public education.

  • Rehoming - we aim to find the right home for any animal in our care that is suitable.

  • We believe every animal deserves a chance and their physical and emotional well-being is of paramount importance.

  • We are 100% committed in every aspect of our work.

Our Mission

Our mission at Merrylegs is to offer a safe place for neglected, abused and unclaimed animals whilst providing them with the best care we can.

By offering them shelter, Veterinary care and finding loving homes where possible.

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